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Clash Royale Hack

How to hack Clash Royale

When Clash Royale was released, it was immediately a huge hit. Everybody all over the world downloaded the game and started playing it with friends. Visit our Site to hack Clash Royale Hack and generate gems and gold!Then, most players noticed how Clash Royale wasn't offering enough gems and gold for players! That is why, we here at Clash Royale Hack have created the very BEST Hack and Generator Tool for Clash Royale. With this hack, you will be able to generate gems and gold for Clash Royale! Scroll down for the hack and other instructions.

CR Feature

Clash Royale in general

Clash Royale is a player versus player multiplayer online game, where players fight with the most iconic and powerful characters everyone knows from the previous game, Clash of Clans. CR has it all; attacking, defending and all other thing including purchasing ingame items with gems and gold!

CR Feature

New and more powerful characters!

Clash Royale includes now more powerful and completely remodeled heroes like wizard and witch! Of course, you will still meet the most known ones like the barbarians and giants.

CR Feature

Ingame currency - Gems and Gold

Known from the previous game, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale uses gems and gold for ingame purchases! With gold, you can buy new heroes and unlock crazy packages! With gems you can buy more heroes in to your battlefield!

Trouble with lack of gems and gold?

While this game may be super interesting and fun, it can be made even better. You all know by now that with gems and specially gold you can purchase different thing in the game. Like packages which unlock new heroes and skins, but also just to buy new characters in to the game. Well, sometimes you don't have enough gold or gems to buy that new lvl 5 wizard. That is why we have created Clash Royale Hack, it can generate you currency for Clash Royale within 5 minutes after using the generator!

Our hack is completely FREE!

The only problem with buying gems and gold in Clash Royale, is the cost of them. They cost real money, and a lot to say at least. Our team has found a loophole in Clash Royale servers, and now, our clash royale hack can completely bypass the authentication system. With this simple tool, you can generate THOUSANDS of gold within FEW minutes! Just scroll below to see our hack tool!

Clash Royale Hack – The Solution for you problems

We here are have created THE ULTIMATE solution for gems and gold problems. We have generated a hack for IOS / ANDROID / EVERYONE to use, FOR FREE. Just take a look below and visit our generator page and see it yourself! It works with all versions of your phone and it works 24 / 7!

Instructions how to use your hack!

How to visit our hack - Go to or CLICK the link below with your DEVICE! MOBILE DEVICE PREFERRED!!

  • Click the button below to enter the hack
  • Insert your Clash Royale Username, remember this is case sensitive please put your correct uppercase and lowercase of your username.
  • Insert the amount of gold and elixir you would like to be generated to your account! Dont forget to tick the proxy to be hidden from being detect by CR servers.
  • Press generate, our system will process it to the servesr, if it shows to do 1 offer, do not worry, it is just our antibot system to detect bots and other automation programs. After completion, you will receive your gems and gold within 10minutes! 
  • If you have already finished the offer then it will delivered to your account few minutes.
CR Feature
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